By Rachel Tibbetts, VP of Operations at The Adoption Exchange

Just minutes before a recent All-Staff meeting of employees of The Adoption Exchange was set to begin, I found myself in one of those self-contained bubbles that happens occasionally. As if viewing a movie, I watched staff members gather and make their way to an empty space at our large conference table. The cacophony of soft chatter about upcoming vacations, favorite desserts, the complications with a placement family, a burst of laughter, the beeping of the conference phone line in its notorious fickleness washed over me. The wave of affection that suddenly overcame me might have left me with a bit of mist in the ol’ eyes…

Staff Photo June 2018
The Adoption Exchange Staff and Board Members – June 11, 2018

I am inspired every day by these incredible people who come to work with hope in their hearts that they can change the world.  I wanted to know…what inspires them? So I asked, “What’s your ‘why’? Why did you choose to come to work for The Adoption Exchange, and why do you stay?”  Here are some of the amazing answers I received.

What’s your Why?

From our Child-Focused Recruitment and Mentoring Teams:

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From our Family Support Team:

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From our Development, Finance, and Operations Teams:

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 From our Executive Team:

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Why do staff stay?  Here’s what staff said:

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What’s my own why?  I want to leave the world a better place. I want children to know the security and love I myself felt as a child with the most amazing parents, and I want families to know the unadulterated joy of loving a child. I want to pick up the pieces of our youth’s broken hearts and make them whole and healthy and beating for a better tomorrow.

Why do I stay? I am challenged every day. I truly feel I am part of something incredibly important and much bigger than I am.  And I get to work with the most generous, kind, supportive staff who put me in awe.

Darn it… There go those misty eyes again. Thank you, team!

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10 thoughts on “What’s Your “Why”?

  1. My ‘why” is because having a family is just as important when you are an adult as when you are growing up. Where do you go for holidays, advice, who sits on your side of the church at your wedding, who comes to celebrate a new baby with you, who sits with you during scary times or times of grieving? We all have a need to belong somewhere and be important to someone. We all need a base to go home to.

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  2. Foster care and adoption is important because they deserve a chance at life and a chance for education too. I have raised four adopted kids already one is in the medical field one is an engineer one got a free ride and has a bachelors in accounting he know is the auditor for the city of Indianapolis I would like to adopt 3 to 4 siblings to give them a chance for education while I’m still in great health.

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  3. We want to be able to make a positive impact on the life of a child in the
    foster care system, and provide a stable, loving home as an anchor for them
    throughout their life. As parents we will respect and honor their past, but
    also will strive to provide a place for a new beginning. We realize the
    harrowing statistics facing kids that age out of foster care without the support
    of a loving family. If our love and support can provide the opportunity for
    one individual to not fall victim to drugs, violence, trafficking or
    homelessness, and give them the hope and encouragement to live a healthy,
    happy, fulfilling life, then that is the greatest gift we could ever ask for.

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  4. My “why” is because there are so many kids out there longing for a place to belong. They have already suffered grief at losing their parental figures and especially with my kids, they don’t need to lose their siblings also. We just wanted to keep a few of these families together, help them heal and usher them into adulthood with a feeling of confidence and well being.

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  5. My “why” has been a long career of working with and caring about children and families. But my most profound “why” has been raising my beautiful, loving, headstrong adopted daughter. She showed up like an angel yesterday to help me jump start my car at work yesterday. I love the young adult she has become and being her mom has forever changed and strengthened me.

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  6. I became a foster parent quite by accident. I was volunteering at juvenile court and worked with a 14 year old boy who wasn’t having any visits. John asked me to attend his review hearing. The judge asked John a few questions and asked if John had any questions. John said, can I live with Jim? The judge asked if I was a foster parent. I said, “No” and the judge said, “You are now.” Later, I located John’s father who had retired from the Navy and asked if he wanted to contact John. He did and took John, his 2 brothers and sister to California. John and I keep in touch weekly since if father passed away. i have continued taking in 56 boys ages 6 to 18. I keep in touch with over half of the boys through phone calls, visits, Face Book, letters, etc. Taking in boys in need of care keeps me young and it’s very rewarding to be a part of their lives. Jim Allan.

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  7. Fostering or adopting is important to me because it would give my wife and I an opportunity to be a positive influence on a child’s life. It would also give us an opportunity to be a parent, something we have not been able to do the natural way.

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  8. There are so many kids in need of a good foster or adoptive home through no fault of their own that I could not come up with a single good reason why not to become a foster parent and maybe even adopt some day.

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