Preventing and Healing From Child Abuse

By Lindsay Kaeding , UT Director of Development

Karen was once a vibrant, active five-year-old. She loved to play outside and run around with her friends. Because of physical abuse in her birth home by her biological mother, Karen ended up in the hospital unable to walk, talk, or communicate. She spent many years alone in a hospital room, unsure of what her future held for her. After being registered with The Adoption Exchange, a prospective adoptive family was matched with Karen. On their first visit to see her, the family asked if Karen would want to go home with them. After not speaking for several years and many doctors saying that she would never speak, Karen whispered the word “HOME.”

Since being in her adoptive home, Karen has learned to communicate in many different ways, including sign language. She attends school, plays with her brothers and sisters, and continues to improve day after day. Karen just recently celebrated her 16th birthday and is enjoying a life that at one point seemed  impossibly out of reach.

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