Wednesday’s Children: Then and Now

By Courtney Lake, Development and Communications Coordinator

Each week, The Adoption Exchange partners with local news stations to feature a child or sibling group in need of an adoptive family in a Wednesday’s Child segment. You can view these features on CBS4 KCNC in Denver, KLAS in Las Vegas, or KSL5 in Salt Lake City.

Recently, we’ve heard inspiring stories from former Wednesday’s Children, now adults, whose experience with The Adoption Exchange has come full circle.

On May 7th, Geek’d Out Events hosted their annual May the Fourth Be With You 5K Race benefiting The Adoption Exchange. We supported the event by providing volunteers. Since the event was so large, we posted on in hopes of bringing brand new volunteers to the event.

On the day of the event, one of those new volunteers seemed familiar to Lindsay Kaeding, Utah Director of Development. Lindsay said that when the volunteer walked up “I immediately felt like I knew her from somewhere. After talking awhile she said that this was a great event to help with since she had been in foster care most of her life.” Continue reading


Celebrating Father’s Day

By Ben Lusz, Director of Events and Volunteers

According to eHow, Father’s Day was founded by Sonora Smart Dodd in 1909, who recommended celebrating your father by pampering him with what he wants. Ms. Dodd then dives into three example areas:

  • Providing Dad with a meal he will really enjoy (such as beer can chicken)
  • Taking Dad to an outing he has been discussing (such as a baseball game)
  • Setting Dad up with an opportunity to take on a skill or task he regrets not doing sooner (such as piano lessons)

***Warning the next paragraph is shameful organizational promotion***

The article is so insightful, you are even reminded to give a donation to your favorite non-profit if your father has passed. Gifts of yore include some sort of golf-related paraphernalia or even the actual activity. If you are golf-inclined, think of supporting The Adoption Exchange by participating in the Champions for Children Golf Classic on June 23, or Celebrate – the golf pre-party on June 22.

***Now back to my random thoughts on Father’s Day***

Several years ago I sat in a church service and listened to the female pastor explain that she really didn’t like the Mother’s Day sermon. She felt that your role in the family isn’t defined by your gender. A father can be as caring and nurturing a parent as the typical mother.   My partner and I sat there thinking someone outside of our bubble actually gets it. I was raised by a single woman and she was both the nurturer and the strict parent. When I am fortunate to be home and walk to the store on a week day, I see an equal number of fathers who appear to be stay-at-home parents as I do mothers. One could say the times are changing, or one could say we are finally willing to acknowledge everyone’s role is defined from within and what works for their specific family.

Continue reading