Feel Good: A Volunteer Benefit

By Ben Lusz, Director of Events and Volunteers

Volunteering feels great!

Receiving that request from an organization you support. Evaluating if you have the time and talent to fulfill the request. Taking that big step to commit to the request. Receiving the instructions for the moment. Showing up at the volunteer opportunity ready to give it your all. Then finishing with that “feel good” in your heart knowing that what you just did made life better for someone!

At The Adoption Exchange we are trying to build volunteer opportunities that give you those “feel good” moments.

Party with a Purpose!

If a short term engagement is what you are looking for we are always in need of support with special events and fundraisers. Finding items for silent and live auctions, greeting and directing guests, or providing feedback and guidance for events are some of the ways you could help us.

Birthdays and Back to School!

In Colorado we are working on two programs to connect with our work. We believe all youth should have the excitement of birthdays. We will be gathering a list of birthdays that includes name, interests, sizes, and wishes. Think of the moment when one of our youth opens gifts purchased with them in mind. On a larger scale, a corporation or group can receive a list of a youth’s interests and sizes and supply them all with that back to school confidence of materials and a new outfit. Not only is this a wonderful way to give back, but it is also a great team builder!

Mentor and Connect!

An extremely important volunteer program is being defined – CHOICE. Based on a southern California model, this longer term mentor program is designed to create opportunities for you, the volunteer, to connect with a youth and stay connected by CHOICE for two years or more. Imagine living in foster care and not having a connection or mentor (most of your adult connections are mandated). Not having that relationship with an adult you can call about random curiosities and questions that you want to ask without judgement. Someone you can be silly and goofy with, who also knows the bigger person. A large commitment, but the “feel good” has the potential to change your life and the life of a child forever.

Succeed Together!

These moments are extremely altruistic and you are truly making a difference. Each year, over 400 volunteers contribute more than 6,000 hours to help The Adoption Exchange carry out its mission. We know you do this for the youth and families we serve, so on behalf of these youth, these families, the board of directors and staff, we want to thank you. Thank you for being a big part of our success – the more than 8,000 youth placed – and the future successes we will make together.

Stay tuned for releases on the above mentioned programs. Or contact Ben Lusz at blusz@adoptex.org or 303-255-4756 x269 to volunteer.

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