By Ben Lusz, Director of Events and Volunteers

Celebrate [sel-uh-breyt] verb

Definition: To observe or commemorate with ceremonies of festivities

I have been with The Adoption Exchange for a few months and one of the best parts of working here is hearing the intercom make a beep followed by an announcement to all staff. This wonderful announcement includes the name of a youth, his or her interests, and wait for it….the announcement of their placement with an adoptive family! This announcement is followed by each staff member making noise, hooting, and CELEBRATING this happy moment of this new addition to a family.

On many occasions you read emails from The Adoption Exchange about a child waiting for a family, or better yet a success story of a young person who found their family. On Wednesdays, our partners at CBS4 play a segment called “Wednesday’s Child” featuring news anchor Britt Moreno talking with an available young person and highlighting their interests and personality.

On April 6, 2016, we hope you will join us with CBS4 for A Day for Wednesday’s Child in Colorado. This is a day-long event with CBS4 that includes a phone bank where we will be accepting donations, sharing highlights of available children and family success stories – celebrating families who have found one another. We hope you will watch the festivities on CBS4. If so inclined, you can volunteer to be part of the day’s activities. And if you feel passionate enough about helping children and families find each other, you could make a contribution to the organization.

If you like to take chances, the Wednesday’s Child Connection Guild is also hosting a Big Cash Raffle. Raffle tickets cost $50 each, and the amount raised in ticket sales is divided between the winner and The Adoption Exchange. If 2,500 tickets (maximum allowed) are sold, $62,500 will be given to the winner, and $62,500 will go to help the work of The Adoption Exchange.

We look forward to celebrating with you on April 6th, and hope you will help us make more celebrations possible for more children looking for a loving family.


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